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Powerful hedge trimmers from STIHL are ideal on all large estates, as well as in park or landscape maintenance. The cable-less machines guarantee unrestricted freedom of movement and can also trim particularly thick or woody hedges, thanks to their considerable power reserves. The hedge trimmer attachment STIHL HS 246 can be quickly fitted to any of the following chainsaw models: STIHL MS 240, MS 260, MS 260-D.

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Hedge Trimmers

The STIHL long-reach hedge trimmers could be described as a trimmer blade mounted on the shaft of a STIHL brushcutter. They are used for trimming and shaping particularly tall, long or extra-wide hedges. A carrying strap allows the user to work without tiring. The STIHL hedge trimmer HL 75 is available with either a long shaft or a short shaft ("K" models). Both versions are also available with straight (0°), angled (30°) or adjustable cutterbars (0°-90°).

The telescopic pruners from STIHL make it easier and safer to prune fruit trees and thin out shrubs and bushes, for the branches can be cut without leaving the ground when using this 'chainsaw on a pole'. Users can choose between two petrol-driven models. Both the STIHL HT 75 and HT 101 come with a telescoping shaft for pruning branches up to a height of roughly 5 m. But the new STIHL HT 101 also comes with a STIHL 4-mix engine.

The outstanding features of VIKING hedge trimmers include precise cutting achieved by a reciprocating blade, optimum blade geometry and quiet yet powerful running. The new generation of trimmers (HE515, HE615, HE715, HE815) have extremely well-balanced weight distribution and optimum handle ergonomics with a rotating handle for safe effortless operation in every position. A practical wall-mounted protective sheath is supplied as standard with all hedge trimmers.

VIKING electric hedge cutters are available in two shaft lengths. A 0-90° cutting tool is also available. This provides a large working range and is suitable for vertical cutting at a distance from the hedge. Ground-covering plants and shrubbery can also be cut horizontally. In addition, the carrying belt supplied as standard makes working considerably easier.